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What We Do


On average, 30% of patients are non-compliant. To address this, we bring patients to the forefront of their health care with a patient centered business platform. This encourages direct patient engagement and brings continuity to health care protocols.


Providing excellence in client supportive services with our mobile diagnostic lab testing allows practices to focus more on patient care. With Lab Direct, your patients will adhere to compliancy with flexible and convenient services from a single portal.


HSD Consultants is dedicated to improving the overall performance of our partner labs. With a team of experienced consultants, our goal is to provide our physician partners with guidance and deep insights into healthcare management through dedicated communications systems.

Who We Are

We bring advanced clinical and diagnostic lab services to physicians.

HSD Consultants is a leading laboratory management and consulting services company designed to enhance the quality and efficiency of diagnostic laboratories.  With our services or physician partners are able to focus on delivering quality patient care.  

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Transforming Patient Healthcare and Supporting Communities.

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What We Offer

HSD Consultants offers superior financial, IT and lab services with results-driven solutions connecting providers to clinical and diagnostic laboratory services from a single portal. 

Home & Office Lab Services

We offer customized solutions designed to address the changing demands of healthcare with our full range of lab services. Our comprehensive business model allows practices to focus more on patient care while patients benefit from our flexible and convenient services.

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Diagnostic Lab Services

We bring advanced clinical and diagnostic lab services to physicians.

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