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Personalized Pharmacogenomics Testing

CF Carrier Screening

Lung Cancer Biopsy

Colon Cancer Biopsy

Respiratory Pathogen Panel


Serum Wellness Testing


Personalized Pharmacogenomics testing

Personalized DNA testing (PGX) can reveal a patient’s risk for serious disease or conditions at their earliest and most treatable stage using precise measured biomarkers. Drug dosage, effectiveness and risk can be determined based on information gathered from PGX testing. Results can then provide accurate prescribing by genetic testing.

CF Carrier Screening

Cystic Fibrosis is a potentially fatal genetic disorder that causes severe or permanent lung damage due to the production of abnormally thick mucus. CF affects the cells that produce mucus, sweat and digestive fluids and causes them to become thick and sticky. This leads to chronic symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, lung infections or inflammation, the inability to gain weight and fatty stools. Carrier screening can assist in earlier detection and patients can then decide on future treatment options. Studies show certain types of treatments may ease symptoms and reduce complications. If left untreated, mucus builds up over time and lung infections will result scar tissue formation (fibrosis) and cysts in the lungs.


Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for 8.8 million deaths in 2015. The most common causes of cancer death are cancers of:

– Lung (1.69 million deaths)

– Colorectal (774 000 deaths) 1

HSD Consultants utilizes High sensitivity oncology panels for solid tumor analysis rapidly analyze
data and generate results in a single day.

HSD can help:

– Decrease the number of rejected samples

– Reduce workflow failure rate

– Minimize sample retesting


Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most common cancers in developed countries and the third most
common epithelial malignancy in the world.

HSD’s cutting edge assays:

– Identify mutations across KRAS, NRAS, BRAF, EGFR, and PIK3CA genes

– Utilize as little as 10 ng of input DNA

– Confirm mutations across heterogeneous tumor samples, circulating cell-free DNA, or circulating

tumor cells using highly sensitive customized panels.

HSD Consultants provides:

– Targeted panels profile the most frequently referenced driver mutations in colorectal cancer,
minimizing the challenge of intensive data analysis.

– Mutation detection in solid tissue samples as low as 1% allele frequency and liquid biopsy samples
as low as 0.1% allele frequency.

Serum Wellness Testing

Health and wellness blood testing labs screen for potential red flags that could compromise overall health
and wellness. Blood chemistries, and serum hormones are used primarily as an easier way to measure
peptides and other hormones that are not easily detected in urine samples.

Serum allergy tests include:

  • Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP-14) with eGRF Blood Test, ,
  • Kidney Profile
  • Liver Panel
  • Fluids and Electrolytes
  • Lipid Panel with Total Cholesterol: HDL Ratio
  • Thyroid Panel with Thyroid
  • stimulating Hormone (TSH)
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) with Differential & Plateletes
  • Mineral and Bone.
  • Glucose Levels

Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP)

Many life-threatening illnesses are caused by upper respiratory infections. RPP is a highly multiplexed molecular respiratory pathogen panel developed to broaden and streamline testing for multiple viral and bacterial agents of the upper respiratory tract. The RPP test is performed using a nasopharyngeal swab and provides quick and accurate information.

Chills   –   Cough   –   Chest Pain   –   Fatigue
Fever   –   Shortness of Breath   –   Wheezing

Mobile Network

Our team of experienced professionals is adept in providing services specifically for a mobile setting in patients’ homes or offices. We have access to more than 75,000 nationwide phlebotomists who are experienced and able to extend your patient outreach.

Concierge Services:

Our Concierge Services include but are not limited to:

  • Critical and Routine Blood Draws
  • Buccal Swabs
  • Cancer and CF Screening
  • Fasting Required Tests
  • Glucose Testing
  • RPP Testing
  • PGX Testing
  • Toxicology Testing
  • Clinical Trials
  • Nursing Homes