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Eligibility & Analytics Software

More than $85 billion in lost revenue have been reported by physicians nationwide due to missed appointments and medication non-compliance. Our management solution specifically addresses causes of revenue loss by providing clear data of potential patient services through one sophisticated tool. This method enables us to:

  • Ensure revenue positive results
  • Meets meaningful use standards
  • Use a multi-tiered approach to query EMRs/EHRs
  • Project eligibility for future patient service
  • Generate secondary patient services notifications

Patient Adherence Mobile App

HSD Consultants offers physicians the CuroMD mobile concierge service app, which helps patients choose their health care preferences while simplifying the entire process. With CuroMD, users can navigate through various health care options, allowing them to become directly involved in the decision making process.

As a health care platform developed with keeping patients in mind, the app also helps them to stay abreast on preventive care and treatment plans, appointments, prescription refills, labs and supplements.